2017/10/12 Photobiomodulation ( Low Level Laser)- Facial Pain course

Dr. Gerald Ross DDS, ALD Certifications

The course will introduce you Photobiomodulation, a revolutionary new field of dentistry which can change the way we practice dentistry. Photobiomodulation uses low power laser light to create a biological change in the cell. This can lead to reduced pain after dental surgery (and reduced need for pain medication), faster healing of wounds, nerve regeneration, dental analgesia so more restorative procedures can be done without local, treatment of oral lesions such as cold sores and treatment of muscle pain.
In addition you will be taught how to successfully treat 80-90% of the facial pain patients in your practice but most importantly you will learn the cases to avoid that would cause problems for you. You will learn the anatomy and physiology of the components of the masticatory system.
All attendees will receive a manual illustrating all tecniques and a literature handout so you can be confident all tecniques discussed meet Evidence-Based criteria.


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