2017/10/13+14 Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Proficiency

Dr. Gerald Ross DDS, ALD Certifications

Goals of this two day course:
Introduce you to all of the laser applications in dentistry
Enable you to utilize laser settings based on knowledge and not just follow presets from a manufacturer
Improve your clinical results
Allow ALD members to write the standard proficiency exam

Course Outline:
Laser physics for all laser wavelengths, clinical applications of all wavelengths, laser safety, illustration and hands-on practice with various laser wavelengths.
ALD Standard Proficiency exam

There are two parts:
A hands on examination where you must discuss settings for various laser procedures as well as knowledge about your laser setup and safety precautions.
A 75 question written exam which must be completed immediately after the completion of the course. This course is given and marked by ALD .
Note All people completing the ALD SP exam must have completed an introductory laser course. If you need an introductory course is available from the ALD website.


Oct 13-14, 2017 8:30am – 4:30pm daily
Ottawa, ON

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