December 5, 2019 Introduction to Laser assisted periodontics & endodontics

Introduction to Laser- Assisted Periodontics

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This course is designed for General Dentist , Periodontists and Registered Dental Hygienists who want a deeper understanding in adjunctive role of lasers in supportive, conservative, and surgical periodontal therapy.

Evidence based protocols for shallow and deep pocket therapy, LANAP vs. REPAIR, open flap curettage, guided tissue regeneration, open and closed flap crown lengthening procedures, implant uncovering and peri-implantitis will be discussed in detail.

Strengths and weaknesses of various laser wavelengths in periodontal pocket environment are evaluated . Hands on practice component with erbium and diode lasers is included.


Introduction to Laser-Assisted Endodontics

This course is designed for general practitioners or endodontists who want to learn evidence based protocols to aid with success of their endodontic treatment, through superior laser disinfection and smear layer removal. Uses in pulp testing, primary and permanent pulp caps and pulpotomies, apexification, apical surgery, retreatment as well as initial root canal therapy will be covered. Hands on pratice component using erbium and diode lasers are included .

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