2017/11/04 Advanced Laser Assisted Periodontics

Dr. Preety Desai


This Advanced Training Course in Laser-Assisted Endodontics is designed for general practitioners and endodontists who have invested or thinking of investing in an all-tissue laser.

Course Objectives:
• Gain insight into the limitations of current endodontic treatment protocols
• Understand the benefits of laser-assisted procedures in endodontics
• Examine the concept of patency and its role in persistent endodontic disease
• Review considerations for refractory endodontic disease and unexplained, prolonged post-operative discomfort
• Differentiate between internal and invasive cervical resorption with emphasis on the role of lasers in their management
• Recognize the possible role of LLLT in endodontics


November 4, 2017
Ottawa, On

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